Free Sewing Patterns for beginners and for anyone creating a capsule wardrobe

We all love a sewing pattern, and we are now so fortunate there is an extensive range of dressmaking patterns from different brands out there to help you with your next sewing project. The thing is if you were to buy a lot of them it would be a very expensive hobby especially when starting out on your sewing journey. So why not take advantage of some of the free sewing patterns available, and there are a number of benefits to free dressmaking patterns:

  • You are helping the small businesses out there offering you a free sewing pattern in return for you joining their newsletter subscription or for some you may be asked to pay what you can towards the pattern (more information will be available on the website.)   
  • You can learn so much without incurring extensive costs buying numerous sewing patterns when you have lots to learn. Once you get familiar with sewing you can feel more confident purchasing sewing patterns. 
  • There are so many free sewing patterns out there you can create your own capsule wardrobe by adapting and hacking the sewing patterns to suit your taste or requirements. 
  • A great way to challenge yourself with your sewing skills. 

To help you with finding great sewing patterns which are also beginner friendly, I have identified about 10 patterns to help you create an amazing capsule wardrobe. I have included a picture of the pattern and a link for you to find out more information. You can then pair the pattern with fabrics available on our website Lush Cloth.  

The list will be updated as and when further lovely free sewing patterns are identified, more than happy for you to comment on great free sewing patterns you have used. 

Please see the categories below: 

Free Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern

The Hickory Ensemble Free Unisex Sewing Pattern by Mood Fabrics

Mood Fabrics is an established sewing fabric store based in the US, and they offer an extensive range of fabrics and have featured on shows such as Project Runway. They offer a range of free patterns as part of their mood sewciety. 

We are focusing on the sweatshirt element, but mood fabrics does include the bottoms as well. 

Which features a loose crewneck raglan sweatshirt and casual sweatpants with an elastic waist and cuffs. A great staple to have in your wardrobe all year round and sewing pattern great for beginners. 

The Hickory Ensemble Sweatshirt Free Sewing Pattern by Mood Fabrics

Free Skirt Sewing Patterns 

The Ruby Skirt free sewing pattern by Sew over it. 

Sew Over It Ruby Skirt

Sew Over It is an established indie sewing pattern company creating sewing patterns to create amazing clothes. In addition to sewing patterns they also have a sewing school to go along with the patterns. Head to the website for more information. 

The pattern is a beautiful skirt that features buttons down the front, patch pockets and a wide waistband which is elasticated at the back and flat at the front. The added elastic makes the Ruby skirt pattern easy to fit and comfortable to wear, whilst the flat front makes the skirt very flattering when worn. It can also be dressed both for casual and smart occasions, it will definitely be a staple in your wardrobe.

Free Skirt Sewing Pattern Ruby by Sew Over It


Pocket Skirt from Issue 47 of the Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint magazine is an Australian based print and digital magazine offering you mindful content to encourage you to live with more meaning. As well as their content they are also enthusiastic about craft and creativity. For this reason they also offer printed and digital patterns which can be free to download. They do ask in addition to subscribing to the newsletter, please pay what you can towards their patterns.

Let’s talk about the free sewing pattern pocket skirt which features a relaxed midi silhouette, a flattering gathered waistband and oversized ‘just in case’ panel pockets for you fit all a sorts in there. It can be paired with a range of tops or jumpers to work well in all seasons. 

 Pocket Skirt from Issue 47 of the Peppermint Magazine


Free Trouser Sewing Pattern

Peggy Trousers Free Sewing Pattern by Sew Magazine

Sew Magazine is a sewing, stitching and embroidery magazine filled with lots of inspiration, projects and patterns. 

The free Peggy trouser pattern is a lovely pair of trousers that offers you an introduction into inserting zips and buttonholes, as well as this you also have pockets. It will work well with a range of fabrics. 

Peggy Trousers Free Sewing Pattern by Sew Magazine


Free Blouse & Shirt Sewing Patterns

Plantain T-Shirt Free Sewing Pattern by Deer and Doe

Deer and Doe are a french pattern company and have created numerous sewing patterns that allow you to create amazing clothes you will wear time and time again. 

The plantain t-shirt pattern is fitted at the shoulders and flaring at the hips, with elbow patches. You also have the option to have short, long and 3/4 sleeves included in the pattern.

 Plantain T-Shirt Free Sewing Pattern by Deer and Doe


Tilda Blouse Free PDF Sewing Pattern by Maison-Fauve

Maison Fauve is pattern company that offers a range of beautiful patterns to help you create a lovely ‘me made’ wardrobe.

A timeless pattern that will form part of your wardrobe staple. It has a slightly flared cut feminine and comfortable design, with a lovely pleated detail on the bust and sleeves and great options: two sleeve lengths (a sleeve gathered above the elbow with a sleeve cuff or a gathered 3/4 sleeve).

Tilda Blouse Free PDF Sewing Pattern by Maison-Fauve