What are your favourite sewing tools?

I love sewing, I enjoy pretty much every aspect except cello-taping my paper patterns. For me what helps make the whole sewing experience more pleasurable is having really good sewing tools to use. 

Thinking back when I started my sewing journey, I bought quite a few sewing tools and equipment, and over time I have realised I don’t use some of them so much. So I thought I would look at my sewing tools and see which ones I use and value the most.

Each persons preference will obviously be different but you will find there are a handful of sewing tools we all really love having and I have listed the ones I love and value the most. 

Let’s get started:

My rotary cutter

It is great for cutting various types of fabric, and It’s nice and light to handle.

I find when cutting my fabric out, it’s more accurate than when I use scissors. I am sure it is just personal preference. Do let me know your thoughts on this also in comments. 

I also like the safety lock system when not in use, especially if you have children and they happen to enter my sewing area. 

Fabric scissors

If you prefer to use scissors when cutting fabric then Fiskars are a good choice. They do have longevity, as I have had mine over 10 years and they have been brilliant. They are very sharp and cut the through fabric with precision.

This bring me onto my next tool. 

My Self-healing mat

I can’t do without this mat, it is very crucial when cutting out fabric pieces with my rotary cutter. Also very useful having the measurements on the cutting mat, it helps with things like cutting out bias binding. 

Sewing clips

I tend to use sewing clips when holding my fabrics together when sewing rather than pins. Main reasons are they are quite sturdy and they grip the fabrics well, and they also can’t prick me unlike sewing pins. Don’t worry I haven’t dismissed using pins, they are are still a necessity with sewing, I just use mine far less.  

Metre Ruler

A great tool especially if you are dabbling with pattern drafting. Perfect when measuring fabric length and width. It sits in the corner until needed but you wouldn’t do without it.

Another ruler to have is the French curve ruler, used in fashion design, pattern making and sewing. It helps with adapting existing patterns or creating new ones. 

Another sewing tool to have if you don’t already…

Thread clippers

You will always find them useful, handy during all the stages of sewing. Although it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have one because embroidery scissors can be used as an alternative. 

What is your preference, let me know in comments. 

My most used and valuable tool and to be honest I should buy like 10 of them. It is the humble seam ripper, small but mighty. For every sewing mistake I have made this tool although tiny has been amazing and has saved me from numerous sewing disasters. Their main use is for cutting and removing stitches, and I am sure you have used multiple times for this reason.

I guarantee you there are many more sewing tools out there to list, but all the sewing tools I mentioned came to my mind very quickly. 

Now that you have joined me going through my favourite sewing tools, why not go and take a look at some of the range of fabrics we have in stock to help inspire your next sewing project. 

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