My Dream Summer Trousers – Sewing the Closet Core Pietra Trousers with So What If I Sew

In my humble opinion there are not enough pink trousers in the world. This is not an opinion I would have held before becoming a sewist, but it is something I now fervently believe. winter 2021 was the first moment I decided that my wardrobe was lost without a bright trouser. I made myself a pair of Nina Lee Portobello Trousers in pink velvet and proceeded to wear them multiple times a week for the entirety of December, January and February. I would never have had the confidence to buy them in a shop. I wouldn’t have dreamed I could pull them off. But, the second I made them I fell in love and every time I wear them I feel confident and ready for anything. That is the joy of sewing! The chance to experiment, to create something unique to you. You can make the same pattern as 50 other people and yet fabric choice, pattern view, and personal style, will result in 50 different garments. 

So as the weather warmed and my wardrobe flipped from A/W to S/S, I found myself missing my friendly pink trousers. Here collided two projects, firstly the Closet Core Pietra Trousers feature on my make nine this year and I was struggling to find a fabric I liked. Secondly, Oyin had very kindly invited me to be a guest blogger for Lush Cloth and it was as I was scrolling through her beautiful fabrics that I laid eyes on her gorgeous range of Twill’s. In particular the rich burgundy Sanded Lenzing Tencel Twill in Palace Red. This fabric captured my imagination immediately and I knew that I had found a way to create a summer equivalent to my favourite winter trousers. The Lenzing Twill was a great choice for these trousers as its nice and lightweight. The fabric really stood up to the panel design of the pattern and presses well, although you do need to make sure you use a low heat on the iron. Having worn them on a very hot day, I can confirm that the trousers are light and airy while still looking smart and tailored.  

The Closet Core Pietra Trousers are a great pattern. The thing that drew me to them immediately was the shaping. The front of trousers are made up of two panels and include amazing drop in pockets which fit seamlessly into the design. The trousers scoop up to a high waist, which has always been my preferred waist line, and then there are three options for the legs, view A is a full length wide-legged trouser, view B is a slightly cropped trouser with a tapered leg, and view C is a pair of cute wide legged shorts. In this instance I chose View B but I am also hoping to make a pair of the View C  shorts before my holiday in July! I found the pattern sizing to be pretty good for my body, I made the US size 6, W27 H36, which resulted in finished measurements of W27 and H37.75. I thought this size would be the best fit for my body shape. Normally as a 5’2” woman with 8-10 inches between my waist and my hips, trouser shopping can be deeply depressing. Either trousers fit my waist and calves or my hips and thighs, and they are permanently too long. So I was very excited to try a pattern that had a cropped option (basically the actual length of my legs) and that had my dimensions on the pattern block already. 

I will definitely be making a pair of the shorts this summer, I’m waiting for pay day to buy the fabric but I thinking of a linen or something slightly stiffer/heavier to keep the shape of the shorts. However I will make some adjustments next time I make this pattern. I am delighted with my first pair but as you get to know a pattern and wear a garment you can always see where there are improvements to be made. For example, when I make the shorts I think I will do the Size 4 waist (W26) and grade down to the Size 6 for the hips. The trousers fit nicely if I need to tuck something in, a blouse, a top etc, but otherwise the waist is a little loose so I would definitely size down in that area but keep the hip width and the leg length. The other adjustment that I would make would be to increase the rise as there isn’t quite enough space when I sit down and the back of the trousers pull down a little. Not enough to bother me while wearing them but definitely something I would need to fix with the shorts. 

So here they are! And let me tell you, I LOVE them. The Pietra Trousers were a surprisingly easy make, and came together in a matter of hours. I found the instructions to be excellent, the process simple, and I am delighted with the result! There are no special skills required and I would definitely recommend the pattern to any beginner who wants a foray into the exciting world of trousers. As you can see I had a great time taking photos of these in the garden and I have already worn them to work multiple times. I loved wearing them, they are so comfortable, the fabric is so soft, and I cannot explain how great the pockets are.

So now I have added another pair of pink trousers to my wardrobe. My pink trousers give me confidence and they make me feel joyous whenever I wear them. They give me a sense that I really can make and wear whatever I want. I am sewist and as such have the power to curate my own wardrobe, to create garments that suit me, my personality, and my body. Everyone needs and deserves a garment that makes them feel like they could conquer the world. So whether metaphorical or literal, everybody needs a pair of pink trousers.

Interested in the fabric then click here and for the pattern here