The Evolution of Lush Cloth

It has been a little while since I created my last blog and with a number of changes coming I thought it would be great to write it all down in this post.

My lovely fabric business is two and a half years old and I am pausing to appreciate what I have achieved in that time and also all the amazing things I have learnt. Sewing has always been a massive passion of mine. To be able to take fabric and commit time and effort into creating something personal to me that is unique continues to feel me with immense joy. 

The intention of lush cloth was to start the fabric business and use the opportunity to learn and introduce new elements to the business that I love even more than sewing and fabrics. 

With that said I would like to introduce you to something I have been working on for the last year. 

I enjoy learning how garments are constructed and the process of pattern drafting, I really wanted to develop this first but I was unsure how to commence hence the introduction of Lush Cloth, to provide me with an insight into fabrics, the opportunity to source fabrics and construct garments. 

Fast forward 2 years I am finally able to say I have created my first pattern and pattern brand. I would like to introduce you to my pattern brand, What Lola Made. It is based on my style with the intention to create key pieces that can be versatile yet practical, whilst encouraging you to develop your sewing skills. 

What Lola Made

My first pattern to be launching is the Robyn Shirt which features beautiful bishop sleeves, a slim line collar stand and a button placket at the front whilst at the back a double yoke with inverted pleats. You will definitely want this pattern as part of your wardrobe staple. 

 The Robyn Shirt by What Lola Made

The digital and printed version of the pattern is expected to launch end of October, early November. 

With the introduction of my pattern brand What Lola Made, I am going to start putting more time into the development of this area, which has impacted the fabric and haberdashery aspect of my business. 

Following a long deliberation I am going to downsize Lush Cloth and focus on a very small curated range of fabrics that will compliment my pattern brand. This means I will not be offering new fabrics or various pattern brands for the time being whilst I transition the business. It also means I will be having a big sale to clear the stock I currently have. 

I would really appreciate it if you could browse the wonderful fabrics to take advantage of the sale. Also share with friends where you can about the big sale.

A little surprise for all newsletter subscribers, I will be offering a special discount when I launch my pattern for a limited period of time. 

If you have read this far, thank you so much for your support to date and for your continued support going forward. 

Oyin xx