Why is sewing good for you?

I am not a writer by any means but with the introduction of Lush Cloth, I thought I would write a little summary about Hobbies and Crafts and in particular why sewing is good for you.

As said on the ‘About Us’ page, I have been sewing on and off for over 10 years, and I started it because a really good friend introduced me to it. I have always liked crafting but found sewing brought me a sense of accomplishment, taking fabric and creating something I would wear that was personal to me. I think I really enjoyed it also as it gave me an outlet to focus on when feeling pressured from work and other responsibilities.

So I thought I would look into some of the benefits and there are numerous, such as:

  • Being a stress reliever
  • Improves your overall confidence when undertaking new things, whilst also allowing you to express yourself and develop your abilities
  • Improve your mental health; especially with the challenging year we have all had globally
  • Detach from your daily responsibilities and additionally, incorporate family or friends into this wonderful world of sewing and crafting.
  • Provide an additional income or create a new career opportunity, where your passion can excel

In addition to the above benefits, it has provided for me the opportunity to learn so much. I have been fortunate that sewing has opened a number of doors for me that I thought may not be possible. This is why hobbies are good for you. 
For this I am really grateful and it has made me feel like any opportunity I am given, I will always encourage anyone to allocate a really good portion of their free time where possible to their hobbies. 

Really appreciate you reading this.