Why I like the Sage Brush Top Pattern by The Friday Pattern Company.

Friday Pattern Company is an independent sewing pattern company that has a lovely range of patterns, suits so many and are easy to use. They are based in the US and have been creating sewing patterns for while. I have got a few of their patterns and the first one I have used is the Sage brush Top.

Have you sewn this pattern? If not I am going to give you a few reasons why you need to add this pattern to your make list.

I have sewn the Sage Brush Top pattern twice, first time in a cotton poplin fabric and the second time in a cotton lawn fabric, making it my first reason for loving this pattern. It works really well in numerous fabric types. In addition to the fabric types mentioned above, the sage brush top works well in linen, viscose and chambray, so pretty much any woven fabric. Meaning wherever you are on your sewing journey this pattern gives you lots of different fabric options to compliment the pattern. 

Second reason for loving the sage brush top and would happily recommend it is because it is an easy pattern to sew as it only has seven pattern pieces, which is a big win for me. This means less time spent having to cut out the seven pattern pieces. Before cutting them out ensure you take your measurements and compare them against the pattern to select your size. In addition to checking your bust, waist and hip measurements, I would take the shoulder measurements, it just means if you have broad shoulders you have accommodated for this. For me I didn’t make any changes to the shoulders on the two occasions I have sewn the pattern but I may extend the shoulders by an inch next time. I did adjust the length of the bodice piece after the first sage brush top I made came up a little short on me, so I reduced the bodice hem by 2.5cm (1” inch) to gain a little more length.

Next reason to add this pattern to your make list, the sage brush top has no complex steps. So for anyone starting out or early in their sewing journey, it means no zips or buttons. The only thing you will need to familiarise yourself with is bias binding on the pattern neckline and inserting elastic on the sleeves. Both steps are quite straight forward and any mistakes can be easily hidden. 

In terms of the step by step instructions to sew the pattern, it was very clear, easy to comprehend and quick to read. I would recommend reading the pattern from start to finish once, actually I would say twice to ensure you don’t miss a step when putting the pattern pieces together. 

Finally my last reason for liking this pattern so much is the great sleeves, with lots of volume. But if that isn’t your thing, there are great guides on youtube and books out there that should show you how to reduce volume in the sleeves, especially if using fabrics like cotton poplin. Viscose is great if you’d want the volume in the sleeves as it has more drape. 

I have also seen on social media, some people have even hacked the pattern and turned it into a dress.

What more could you want in a pattern, simple, easy to follow, no complex steps and versatile to allow you to adapt it. 

If you are interested in seeing the sage brush top I created, head to @lushcloth on instagram to take look.

Hope you found this useful and whilst you are here, why not click on the link below to see the fabrics that will work well with this pattern. We also have some sewing kits if interested. 

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Oyin xx